Want to know what Hostel Llanes Playa de Poo have? Take a look!!


We have this kind of rooms for our guests:

  • Two Three people rooms (bunk & bed)
  • Four people room (two bunks)
  • Six people room (three bunks)

All our beds have a complete set of sheets, and also towels included.


We offer our kitchen, with all the utilities they need, to our guests, based on availabilty, because we offer dinners every day, so there’s some time when we have to use the kitchen. The only rule to use the kitchen is ask before for the availability

The guest’s fridge is in the kitchen, and the official schedule of kitchen’s opening for guest’s use is from 09:00 to 19:00. If the guests want to put something in the fridge, it should be in a bag with their name and the check out date.


We have four common bathrooms for our guests. We have 16 beds, which means a bathroom for each four guests. All the bathrooms have a bath, a toilet and a shower.


Hostel Llanes Playa de Poo offers the following utilities to their guests.

  • Washing and drying machine.
  • Microwave
  • Coffee machine.
  • Toaster
  • Fridge.
  • Washing place.
  • Clothesline.
  • Chargers point.
  • Television.


Our beloved spot! Hostel Llanes Playa de Poo has a beautiful garden, with multiple chairs and tables and even a hamac where guests can relax surrounded by absolutely natural views. Besides, we have our own orchard where we grow different kind of vegetables, without any chemical treatment, to offer to our guests in the dinners.

Internet access

When a guest check in in our hostel, we provide inmediately the WiFi access to our private network, so they can be online while they’re resting in our hostel.